Genetic Base of the U.S. Herd Expanded

After many failed attempts to introduce additional breeding lines beyond the 6 founder Arapawas imported in 1994, we have a fine set of twins sired with semen from New Zealand. Yellow Tag in David Hugh’s herd is the source. Al Caldwell and John Truelson performed the artificial insemination. The efforts to import semen were motivated by a general concern for the effects of inbreeding and the desire to have the US herd be as representative of the feral herd as possible. The bucks chosen were either from the Arapawa Island herd or first generation removed. AC Dolly is the proud dam.

Artificial insemination on the goats has been illusive. This attempt employed Lutalyse, a Pfizer product, to synchronize estrus. Identifying heat had been a problem. Having finally gotten a procedure that can work, John and Al plan to continue the effort with semen imported in 2006 by Marilyn Burbank and some collected from the founder bucks at Plimoth Plantation.